IENavigator is the excellent tool which helps you to manage Internet Explorer windows.
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IENavigator v.2.0 for Windows NT /2000/ XP

IENavigator is an Internet Explorer add-on that enables you to:

  • Manage Internet Explorer windows

  • Block unwanted pop-up windows

  • Clear all the Windows-stored traces of your Web surfing

  • Load multiple Web pages with a single mouse click

  • Translate Web pages to your native language online

  • Access your favorite bookmarks faster with Quick Groups Manager

  • Suspend your browsing session and resume it anytime while keeping all the relevant windows open in their original order

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Which software is the very best to help you manage Internet Explorer? .

IE Navigator has all of the features of IENavigator, and offers a number of features in addition, such as blocking of banner ads and avoiding visiting the same Web pages twice. Hover your mouse over a link that has been visited to displays a pop-up containing your comments for the page, a snapshot, last view date, and other useful information. Also, you can always tell which pages at a given site you have already visited, and view your comments for these pages in a single window. Learn more...


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